10 Most Useful WordPress Plugins For Your Website

We all know that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. It supports huge plugins to improve responsiveness and performance. There are many plugins in WordPress repository which helps you to add new functionality to your website or blog.

WordPress Plugins are most helpful for various reasons in WordPress website or blog. They are open source and free to download from wordpress.org website.

So here I come with some important and most useful WordPress plugins for your WordPress blog or website.

10 Most useful WordPress plugins for your website

W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is the best cache plugin to cache your website and improve its performance. Previously I am using WordPress super cache but now I shift to W3 total cache because W3 total cache offer more like lets you minify your scripts, cache your database queries, add expire headers to your -static pages and many more. It helps you to improve your websites or blogs page speed score by caching it. It also adds necessary Meta tags for search engine friendly rich Google snippets

Download: – W3 total Cache here

WordPress SEO by Yoast

There are many SEO plugins available in the WordPress repository like All In One SEO, WP SEO etc. but WordPress SEO by Yoast is best. It is all in one plugin you must need for your WordPress website or blog. It helps you to optimize your web page title and descriptions as well as you can block duplicate pages, Meta titles and description from search engine bot. WordPress SEO by yoast plugin’s latest version also integrated with twitter title tag and facebook open graph tag.

Download: – WordPress SEO by Yoast here

Smart YouTube

Smart YouTube helps you to easily embed your YouTube videos in WordPress blog or website. This plugin also helps you to embed your viemo or facebook videos to your blog or website without downloading additional plugins as well as you can also customize your embed player using this plugin.

Download: – Smart YouTube Here

P3 profiler

This is best profiler plugin to track and improve your WordPress performance. Using this plugin you can find out which plugin slowing down your website. It also generates graphical representation for showing which files are taking too much time for loading on each page of your website.

Download: – P3 Profiler Here

Google XML sitemap

XML sitemaps are very useful for get search engine know about each and every webpage of your wordpress blog or website. This plugin helps you generate your XML sitemap quickly and easily in one step process. You only need to submit that XML sitemap to search engine. XML sitemap generated by Google XML sitemap also supports being and yahoo and you don’t need to download another sitemap generating plugin for them.

Download: – Google XML sitemap here.

Syntax highlighter Evolved

If you are a programmer or coder and have a coding blog to help other than this plugin helps you lot. By using this plugin you can easily embed your codes into your WordPress blog or website. This plugin also helps you to highlight your code and syntax with different color to get easily read on web. This plugin also support all popular programming languages available.

Download: – SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Here

Threat Scan

Do you want to track any suspicious activity on your WordPress website? Then this plugin is for you. By using this plugin you can automatically scan your whole WordPress site including core files and WordPress database for any malicious codes or suspicious activity may have been injected through backdoor. This plugin help you to stay protected from malicious activities of hackers or spammers.

Download: – Threat Scan here


This plugin is very helpful when you have changed your URL pattern in WordPress blog or website and want to redirect them at right one. It’s simply creates a redirection rules for your non-exists or moved pages to redirect them at right one. Using this plugin you can forward all your incoming traffic to right page.

Download: – Redirection here


PubSubHubBub is the best plugin to ping your URL’s. Whenever you update your blog post, this plugin instantly ping to Google to indicate search engine that you are the original author of this post.

Download: – PubSubHubBub here.


This plugin is very helpful to optimize your database. By using this plugin you can automatically delete post revisions, spam comments and also optimize MYSQL table from one place. This plugin works more efficiently and consumes less space

Download: – WP-optimize

This is some of the best plugin I am using right now. All this plugins mention works more efficiently and helps you to improve your website performance. Let me know what you think about those plugins by comment or suggest if you have any best option available.

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  1. Nice list of must have plugins for every wordpress blog but include the name of Akismat, cookies for comments. These two plugins do a really great job to fight against the spam. Thanks

    • @Muneeb
      Thank you for reply. Akismet is great plugin but it’s already built with wordpress you don’t need to download and install it and second Cookies for comment is also a great thank you for suggestion.

  2. Nice List. One I could add is JetPack. I mainly use it to get reader subscribers (subscriptions), and let WordPress.org handle the emails, so they get through.