13 Best WordPress Plugins To Get More Email Subscribers

Best WordPress plugin to grow email subsribers

Email subscribers are always rocks. That’s why John chow, Pat Flynn, Anik Singal and Timothy Sykes driving huge amount of traffic, building long-term business and making millions through their email list.

The email list is not all about money. You can also use it for keeping your readers stay updated and engage with your day-to-day web activities for building a long lasting business.

Surely, the email subscribers are the great way to increase your online income, blog traffic and promotional activity for your future launch and it is worth.

Most of the internet marketers say “huge email subscriber + great Email marketing service = More money and traffic” and they are right.

Great email marketing services help you to build great businesses.

But, the most important question arises here that, How to grow your email list fast?

Growing email list is not an easy thing you have to work harder, plan your content strategy, optimize your conversion form by doing A/B testing to make this possible and all this thing takes a long time.

So what is the solution for this?

Therefore, here I come with a best and easy solution for you to increase your blog subscriber rate faster. Let’s take a look at the solution:

Best WordPress Plugins To Skyrocket Your Email Subscribers.

Popup Domination (Paid)

If you are looking for the best solution to increase your email list faster, so popup domination is for you. This is all in one solution for all your need and help you to boost your subscriber rate.

You can easily setup and configure this plugin according to your need and WordPress theme. This plugin comes with great functionality and easily adjust as per your blog’s theme.

This is must have WordPress plugin for your need and many industry expert and internet marketers recommend and already using this plugin to grow their email list.

Get Popup Domination For you (aff).

Pippity (Paid)

If you are looking for a great alternative to popup domination, then pippity is for you. Pippity serves the same feature as popup domination for you.

You can easily install and setup this plugin on your WordPress blog and start collecting subscriber.

This plugin is not as popular like popup domination but helps.

Optin Monster (Paid)

If you are looking for simple but yet effective tool to boost your email subscribers, then optin monster is for you. This plugin is simple and easy to use on your blog and you don’t need to add extra coding to work properly.

You can easily install and setup this plugin on your blog and easily get started collecting email. This plugin looks great on any blog and easily get into eye’s.

Many great websites like WP-beginner, shoutmeloud are already using this plugin for their blog.

Optin Skin (Paid)

Optin skin is a great plugin develop by Galen Allsoop (the founder of viperchill). This plugin is easy to install and setup on your blog and no extra coding needed. This plugin has great functionality and great looks.

You can easily integrate optin skin form at any location wherever you want. This plugin looks great and you can adjust it easily with any of your blog theme.

Many great internet marketers like Pat Flynn are already using this great plugin on their blog to grab email subscriber.

Get Optin Skin for you (aff).

Welcome Gate (Free)

Welcome gate is a free WordPress plugin to boost your email subscribers. This plugin is easy to use and setup on your WordPress blog, so if your users hate popups then you can use this plugin to boost your email subscribers.

This plugin helps you to create an easy and great looking landing page where you can send all your users and collect their email leads.

This plugin is a great alternative to avoid popup’s and keep your users stay on your website.

WP subscriber magnet (Paid)

WP subscriber magnet is a great plugin and all in one solution for all your need. You can easily setup and integrate this plugin on your blog and adjust according to any of your WordPress theme.

This plugin provides many options like checkbox, popin, footer, sidebar optin form to collect more leads and more subscribers for your blog.

Many internet marketers are already using and utilizing its feature to grow their email subscribers.

WP subscriber (Paid)

P subscriber is a great WordPress plugin to grab more email subscribers. You can easily setup and adjust his plugin on your WordPress blog and you don’t need to add some extra codes to work it properly

This plugin simply adds a checkbox in your comment section to collect email subscribers.

Subscriber to Download for WordPress (Paid)

Subscribe to download for WordPress is a great plugin to capture email subscribers by offering some freebies on your blog. You can integrate this plugin in any post or location where you want to collect the email.

This plugin is easy to setup and install on any blog and easily get adjusted according to any WordPress theme.

This plugin simply exchanges your freebie against the user’s email and help you to grow your email subscribers.

Optin Crusher (Free)

Optin crusher is a free and a great WordPress plugin to get started. This WordPress plugin is easy to use and setup on your blog to easily get started.

This plugin simply adds a footer optin form in your WordPress theme. This looks great and easily gets into the eyes of the reader.

You can use this great tool on your WordPress blog without disturbing your readers to collect email subscribers.

Aweber Web form Plugin (Free)

Aweber web form is a free WordPress plugin for Aweber users. This plugin is easy to setup and integrate with your WordPress blog.

This plugin provides many great options for your forms and choose the best fit for your WordPress theme.

This is a great free tool to increase your email subscriber’s offered by Aweber itself.

Mail List (Free)

Mail list is a great free tool, which helps you to collect your user’s email address with a customized web form. By using this tool, you can write and send newsletter to your email subscriber directly.

Hello bar (Paid + Free)

Hello bar is a great tool and a WordPress plugin design, develop and maintain by Neil Patel (Founder of Quick Sprout). You can use this most popular WordPress plugin on your WordPress blog to capture email subscriber to your blog.

This plugin is very easy to install and setup on your WordPress blog and you can easily get started with it.

Many Contact (Free)

Many contacts is a great alternative to hello bar. This tool helps you to add a customized email subscriber bar at the top to collect the subscribers.

This tool is easy to setup and install on your WordPress blog. You only need to stall the plugin to get started using it.

You can also import alter all your contact to your desired email marketing service provider.


Here I discover some great pad and free tools for you to increase our website subscriber rate. These tools help you to achieve more subscribers for your blog.

You can choose any one of the best tools for your blog and get started with it. All these plugins are great and used by different internet marketers on their website.

All these plugins can easily help you to skyrocket your subscriber faster.

Do let me know which plugin suits to your need to grow your email subscriber list. Comment it down and don’t forget to share this list with your friends on social media and email to help them.

So choose wisely and grow your email subscriber list

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  1. All solid plug ins Nik thanks!

  2. sahil sehgal says:

    Hey bro good work
    but i wanted to ask you that can you provide a list of good plugins like this which are free
    M not earning so much that i could afford these paid plugins
    Please tell some free


    • Nikhil says:

      Hey Sahil

      I also had mention some free plugins also you can check. But for you I suggest go with Many Contacts. It is free and best to get started…. :)

  3. Sanket says:

    Gr8 post bro and really these are good plugins to increase subscriber list. :)

  4. IT Shughal says:

    great plugins you have shared. sir can i use email pop up plugin while i am already using facebook pop up plugin

  5. Dylann Andre says:

    Hi Nikhil,

    Great suggestions you have here! I’ve actually tried Pippity before and it works like wonders! It also looks great on my blog too! I’ve been redesigning my other blogs and thinking of getting some other plug in. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. Rob McNelis says:

    great post… I focus on tools like these a lot. By the way, your name looks really familiar. Have we spoken b4 online?

    Anyway, love your blog. would be curious to hear more about your growth strategies for the site. hit me up sometime :)


  7. Ron Killian says:

    Guess I must not get out much, so many plugins I have not heard of yet.

    Appreciate the list Nikhil. Very helpful.

  8. Ayesha says:

    Hi Nikhil,

    Subscriber is something who is trust on you and always ready to get a new update from you. They are like your fan (Website). Currently I am using Aweber tool and its available in free and gives good support to my site. :)

    Thanks and Regards!!!

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