How to choose Best Blogging Platform to get started with blogging

how to start your blog

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From past many years blogging is providing a great way to share your thought with the world. You can easily express your thoughts and share your knowledge with people’s. For all that you need to have a great blogging platform, which gives you all the tools to get connected with the world.

There are already many free and paid blogging platforms available to get started with your blogging journey. You can choose one of them and customize it as per your need.

It is difficult to tell which one is best blogging platform for you. There are various factors you need to consider according to your need, customization and community support.

These factors will help you to choose a best blogging platform for you. Let’s take a look at these factors to decide.

How to start a blog

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What is your need?

For what purpose you need this blogging platform. I mean, do you want to start a personalize blog or want to make some revenue from it. You can also start vlogs (video blogs) and photo blogs.  It’s all depends on your need what you want to do from blogging platform.

If you are willing to start blogging as a fun then there are various free as well as paid blogging platform available there, these platforms are best and helps you to get started.

I recommend you to go with a free blogging platform to gain some experience and then shift to the paid one or desired one. Free platforms are third-party hosted and helps you to learn new things in blogging.

If your motto is to make money from your blog, then go with self hosted blogging platform these are the best platforms and have full control over your platform. This is a best option to get started, expand and make money from it. There are already many people’s who are making money thorough this kind of platforms.

Does it have a Customization & Configure Option?

This is an important point you have to look out. There are many blogging platform does not support customization and not easy to configure. These platforms are not user friendly to have to give some time to learn and handle those blogging platforms.

Now days many top blogging platforms come with easy configuration and customization of features options. These are helpful to customize your themes, plugins, tools etc. These blogging platforms also have clean and use friendly interface and navigation to easily navigate the things.

Does it have Community support?

Community supports are the most important factor while choosing the blogging platform. An active community will help you it many ways to get started and solve your queries to handle your new blogging platform. It is important to how their community engagement is thorough support forums etc.

These are some factors you have to look before choosing blogging platforms. Let’s take another look at available free and paid blogging platforms to get started with blogging.

best blogging platfomrs

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List of free and paid best blogging platforms.

Blogger is a free third-party hosted blogging platform. It’s run and operates by Google and has a good community support. It is easy to use and navigate. This is a good platform to get started with blogging and host your personal blog as a fun to learn new things about blogging. To get started with blogger, you need only a Gmail or Google account that’s it. come with easily customization features like themes, tools etc. It also inbuilt with Google Adsense program and Google plus, therefore it also helps you to make money from your blogging. come with third-party url like or you can shift it to your own domain like is a free third-party hosted blogging platform to get started. It is easy to use and comes with many features and inbuilt stat options. It comes with customization features like themes plugins etc. You can choose your desire free or paid themes.

Third-party account has limited access to some features. To start blogging with you need to create an account with and it provides you third-party domain like

You can also shift your account to your own domain like only you need to pay for its hosting and domain charges and provides you the rest of the features to get started. is the most popular self hosted, completely free blogging platform. Many popular bloggers are already using this platform for their blogging. It comes with full customization features like themes plugins etc. You can choose from many free themes or by paid one also. This platform has vast active community support to get helps from others.

You can hack codes, create your own themes, make your plugin or edit an existing thing on this platform. This WordPress platform has a vast free plugin repository supports. You can download any free plugin support to extend your creativity of your blogs.

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Recently yahoo purchase tumbler for its growing user database and strong community supports. It is a great, free blogging platform to get started with blogging. It has customization features like themes and tools. You can also connect Tumblr blogging platform with your existing blog domain. This blog has built in social cum blogging feature and strong young user supports.

Tumblr have some features as twitter and facebook like, reblog, like etc. It helps you to easily share content with the community.

You might be surprised after seeing this popular question and answer site in the blogging list platform. Yes recently in 2012 Quora introduce free blogging platform for its users. You can create your own third-party hosted blog on Quora and start sharing your knowledge.

This blogging platform not come with customization options like others, but have a great tool to start free blogging.

Like Quora Linkedin also introduce blogging platform for its influencers. These blogging platforms have restricted access for users. Only to celebrities and business personas can have access to this influencer’s page. If might be got public in future. This is a great place to share and gain knowledge, though top influencers.

This is another great blogging cum social networking platform founded by twitter co-founders. This platform provides the same features like blogging and you can share it via community you follow. It also has features like social networking site like twitter. To get started you have to login with your twitter account to start blogging.

Medium have big difference compared to other blogging platforms, but it is not user appealing that much like other blogging platforms.

TypePad is a paid blogging platform for professionals and starts. It is old and has great customization features for its paid members. You can choose a theme install your desired tools and many things on your paid account.

There is no free option available for this blogging platform to get started. TypePad costs you upwards $8.95 per month.

Ghost is newly introduced free blogging platform for users to get started. It is new and emerging therefore it does  not have a customization option of themes and plugins. It does not have a good community supports, but in future this platform is also loved by users and gain community support and customization options.

These are some best blogging platform to get started with your blogging journey if anything get left let me know by your comment and what you think about this post.

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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    Most of those platforms there are unfamiliar to me. and WordPress are on top though but that does not in anyway means using those top platforms will guarantee one success.

    Working hard and smart should be the prime focus. Anyway, thanks for this limitless options.

  2. Nice post is being shared about different purpose of blogging. Thanks for your informative vision.

  3. I think Its definitely about taste, there are huge bloggers that are perfectly comfortable with a Blogger powered blog, but others that need more specific features (like different structure for different pages or categories) always end up migrating to WordPress because blogger still does not support this (and others) kind of features. When I started they didn’t even supported pages! (that was my reason to start with self hosted WordPress), so at the end it’s about what features you need your blog to have =]

  4. Hello,

    For newbie bloggers I would suggest to proceed with blogger platform because it’s easy to use and customize. And the best thing is it’s absolutely free.


  5. nice post mate really interesting

  6. uday ghulaxe says:

    Really helfull post for newbie. wordpress and blogger are very popular services but you mention some toally new services.Great work

  7. Adithya says:

    Hi Nikhil,
    I started with Blogger, but soon came to WordPress. . . i think newbies should start with WordPress, because WordPress is the best. . very informative post, thanks for sharing!

  8. Bilal Akbar says:

    I started from WordPress and still love it. Simple and easy to use.

  9. Riya Khurana says:

    no doubt,wordpress will be the best for blogging.
    thanks for sharing other platform too…
    keep sharing

  10. Awesome article on getting a best blogging platform. well written and thanks for sharing

  11. There is no doubt… WordPress is still the best and awesome blogging platform.

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