Doing Email Marketing the Right Way

Email marketing is still around, despite the fact that many online promotion experts have predicted its demise. We love email marketing because of the unique benefits that it provides. To be successful, however, you have to understand the specifics of the email marketing campaign that achieves its goals.

Take Your Time to Build the Mailing List

A permission-based mailing list is the only way to go. Create a subscription button on your website and make it easy for people to join your mailing list. The subscription page should provide clear information about the newsletter and the benefits of signing up for it.

Give Recipients Value

The newsletter should provide readers with something valuable, something that they cannot obtain through your website.

To add value, you can include special offers, coupons or upcoming product presentations in the newsletter. Free seminars and tutorials are another great way of making people read your messages and visit your website. Look at the newsletter as a communication method, rather than as a way to get your marketing message across.

See What the Competition is doing

Subscribe for several competitor newsletters. Seeing what other companies are doing will help you avoid their mistakes and get great ideas for your email marketing campaigns.

Stick to newsletters within the same niche. Analyze both the content and the design. These are the two characteristics that determine the attractiveness of an email marketing campaign.

Make It Easy for Readers to Contact You

Subscribers should find it easy to contact you, in case they need additional information. Provide an e-mail address or a phone number that people could use to get in touch.

Additionally, it should be easy for your audience to unsubscribe from the email campaign without having to go through dozens of steps.

Analyze Feedback

Good marketers assess the performance of their campaigns. The feedback that readers provide can lead to significant improvements.

See what the click through rate (CTR) is but go beyond this information when analyzing the success of your email marketing campaign. Figure out which pages are most visited and which pieces of content generate a lot of interest.

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Paresh Patel is founder and chief strategist at Lotus Media, Mumbai, India. He has been helping start-ups and small businesses with Search Engine Optimization since 1998 and expanded his expertise to include Email Marketing and Social Media over the years. When not working- Paresh spends time with his wife and two kids, reads non-fiction and plays guitar by himself.


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  1. Marry Smith says:

    Very small thing but still important,These tips are more beneficial for newbie who taking social media as a career option as well as those who starting up new business for them also it useful. Thanks for sharing wonderful tips and enhancing my knowledge.

  2. This is an awesome post. I like this post very much. I think it is very useful for the interested people. The story telling style is very nice. It is one of the best posts.

  3. August says:

    Yeah, analysis is very important if not you won’t know the effect of your campaign and if it requires changing strategy. I like your post and how you write Paresh.

  4. Sallie Pelts says:

    Email marketing is not for the faint of heart but if you put in the hard work and if you can be patient, you will eventually succeed as long as you make a connection and engage your audience. There’s a reason why some of the biggest internet marketers use this as their biggest income asset; it simply works!

  5. I think email marketing is something that helps you a lot if you do it properly. If you going with this tactics than you have patience because it’ll takes a time to show it’s effect. :)

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