Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A Quick Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important aspect of internet marketing. Most of the peoples spend thousands of dollars or rupees in search engine optimization. Search engine have become a core resource for individual looking for a business, product or resource. It is best way to drive traffic to your website but there are some of the key aspects that every website holder or SEO marketer must have to known. Te Basic tips and tricks to gain search engine traffic. Here is some guidance to get higher page rank and search engine traffic.

SEO guide

1Understanding Keywords in SEO:

Keywords are the most important ingredient in the search engine optimization. Choosing the right keywords according to your website niche is most important. You can take a help of Google adword keyword tools to choose your keywords. A right Keyword selection brings more traffic and improves your web page ranking. 95% of the people’s from all over the world access search engine each month.

2Doing On Page Optimization:

On page optimization includes the two things:

1. Picking the Best Keywords: Picking the right keyword for your site is most important. You can take help of Google adword keyword tools for selecting your keywords. Keywords act in website like sugar in tea without it tea won’t give test.

2. Making it clear to search engine: Making your keywords visible to search engine is the most important. With the help of off page optimization you can implement your selected keywords in you page. Implementation is the most important in the process of SEO.

After the doing that two things start implementing it in your website by following ways.

1. Meta tag optimization: Meta tags are the official data tag that is found in between head tags. The most popular tags in the world of html are title tag, keyword tag and description tag. Correct title keyword and description brings more traffic from search engine. Therefore Meta tag optimization is most important.

2. Title and description optimization: Correct title and a description for your webpage is most important. Title and description tag optimization helps you to correct your mistake and give most search title tags and descriptions to bring more traffic to your website.

3. Content optimization: Content optimization is most important. Recently Google had changed its algorithms. According to that your content need more attention to catch the user’s attraction to your website. Content optimization helps you to do that.

After all things done correctly you must have to go with off page optimization.

3Off page optimization:

1. Link building: Link building is the old way of page optimization. You can build a link back to your website by commenting, guest posting, submitting your site to web directories etc. This may help you to gain traffic to your website and improve the web page ranking in search engine.

2. Social media: Social media marketing is a new trend in SEO. With the help of social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. you can gain traffic therefore you have to maintain your webpage on regular basis. Growing popularity of social media helps you to link back your website and gain traffic to your website.

3. Pagerank: Page rank is the most important part of the SEO. Pagerank in between 1-10 brings more traffic to your website than any other page rank greater than 10. Therefore increasing your page rank is most important. SEO helps you to gain a higher pagerank to your site.

By implementing the following aspects in your website will help you to better and improve SEO process to bring quality traffic to your website.

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