Review Of Google Nexus 10 Tablet Built By Samsung

Along with making successful entry in mobile OS market with android, Google is trying to spread their hands in the mobile world market also. From the last past years Google launches many mobile product series called nexus. All nexus series of mobiles are manufactured with different companies and with different hardware configuration. Let’s take a review of recent launch Google’s Nexus 10 tablet which is going to compete with Apple’s iPad Series.


1Google Nexus 10 Tech specification:-

Screen Size: – 10 inch Display with 2560px by 1600px screen resolution, Corning Gorilla glass 2.

  1. Camera: – 5MP camera with 1.9MP front Camera.
  2. Processor: – Dual Core A-15 processor
  3. GPU: – Quad-Core Mali T604
  4. Memory: – 2GB RAM
  5. Storage Size: – 16GB or 32GB
  6. Connectivity: – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro HDMI, 3.5mm Headphone Jack, Dual side NFC.
  7. OS: – Android 4.2 JellyBean.
  8. Battery: – 9000 mAHh Litium Polymer Battery

2Review on Google Nexus 10:-

Hardware and design:- Google Nexus 10 comes with Dual-Core A-15 processor and Quad-Core Mali T604 graphics processor. There are two choices available as per your storage need that is 16GB and 32GB. The design appeal and over all look is amazing. The Nexus 10 is light and easy to carry in your hand. The multitasking and application handling speeds are impressive. Android 4.2 JellyBean gives great performance and improved speed as compared to the older versions of android.

Display and Graphics: - Google Nexus 10 has a better and big screen for watching movies, playing games, browsing on internet. Google Nexus 10 built with 10 inch corning Gorilla glass 2 with 2560px by 1600px of resolution. As compare to the Apple’s iPad series resolution the display and graphic look are same but we feel that iPad is more impressive than Google Nexus 10. The Nexus 10 gives a better HD movie viewing experience and Photo viewing experience.

Performance and Battery Life: - Google Nexus 10 built with the new Android 4.2 jellybean which gives the best performance while watching movies, pictures and browsing. Multitasking performance is also great while doing handling multiple applications on Nexus 10. The gaming performance is also great while playing high graphics games. Battery life of Google’s Nexus 10 is also good which give great battery backup while downloading, surfing and watching movies.

3Comparison of Nexus 10 with Apple’s iPad:-

Apple’s iPad is also a great choice of users but while comparing it with Google’s Nexus 10 they all are great at their place. Screen Resolution of Nexus 10 is great and same as iPad. It’s Hard to compare a screen resolution between iPad and Nexus 10 because they all gives better viewing experiences. If we compare its feature we thing iPad is Give great performance compare to Nexus 10 we think Google needs to some improvement in their product for better performance. The battery life of both products is also great while surfing, watching movies, playing game, viewing picture etc.

4Pros and Cons of Nexus 10:-

Pros: -

1. Battery Life

2. Android 4.2

3. Powerful Graphics

4. HD display.

Cons: -

1. Limited Memory storage.


Google Nexus 10 is great and gives better performance. A big screen gives better picture viewing performance, web surfing, game playing etc. Google Nexus 10 is also a great choice for users and value for money.

Review Of Google Nexus 10 Tablet Built By Samsung by

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